A New Chapter

In 2020 when all the shit was going on, it felt like I was unable to speak. I tried making videos with my memoji but even that was hard to do. I built my brand around hyper positivity and that couldn’t save me when I needed it most; I shrunk into a silence…into the sunken place lol but during that period, I learned something – I was not going to pontificate anymore. It’s easy to tell people what to do when you’re not in their shoes but not so much when you’re going through it yourself.

That year, the last thing I wanted was for someone to tell me to ‘think positive’. I made a promise then to be more myself and less the image of always good vibes. I wondered how I would keep spreading love though, because that is something I enjoy doing. I asked, ‘how will I cc the love?’ and a voice said, ‘by starting with a smile’. Mind blown! The crazy part is, it’s been right in front of me this whole time…my logo. I’m excited for this new chapter, I really am.

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