Adapting To This New Normal

we've been in quarantine for five months now and honestly, I didn't think this pandemic would've lasted this long.  once businesses shut down and the essential facilities shortened their hours, it was difficult adapting to this new normal...even calling it "normal" feels weird.  whatever the case, you're making it work with what we've got (even if it doesn't feel like it).  want you to know that you're not alone and we're all in this together.  here are a few quick reminders in case you forgot your power.

you are a ray of sunshine and someone's reason to keep going.  be sure to take care of yourself especially if you're caring for others; take it one day at a time so that you don't burnout.  rest frequently and don't feel guilty for saying no.  be kind to yourself as you show kindness to others.  if the voice in your head sounds more like a bully than your best friend, you gotta change that; you're amazing.  make some time for yourself because self-care is mandatory.  take care.  have an amazing day!

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