Betting On Self

Last week, I entitled my blog post “Vitamin CC” just being witty but couldn’t stop thinking about it since. What if I added more of my quirky personality with the positivity you know me for? Could it brighten your day and maybe make you laugh a little? It’s worth a shot. I’m not a comedian but I have my moments – mostly puns if you like that sort of thing. Here goes, I will be creating a series of light, fun videos around this concept.

I will be asking viewers the tough questions like, “How do you take your medicine?” Just kidding, OMG can you imagine; that would be weird. Each video will lightly cover a topic and be shared on social media with its content stripped to create audio, text (i.e blogs), and inspire merchandise this way you can consume however you prefer. I’ve been told, I come off as serious sometimes but that’s not always the case. Stay tuned. 

Thank you for reading. Here is today’s question:

What is something you’ve been putting off doing because you’re waiting for the right time?

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