Big Moments Are Overrated

I don’t think happiness is in the big moments or in the rush anymore; let me explain. I think it’s actually in the little things but we miss it when chasing those exciting moments. I was reflecting on most of my happy memories and found that, even when in the midst of all the fun, they were made up of the small things. It was in catching someone’s eye and sharing a smile. It was in the taste of the first/last bite of that food; you know the one. It was in the music that made me wanna dance like no one was watching.

Sometimes those things happen at a concert or theme park or club but it’s not the location that made me happy. I don’t think so. We miss those little moments because they’re happening so often and unannounced that we think, “that couldn’t have been it”. Think of your personal happy moments and the little things you may have missed; you may find that you’ve been experiencing more happiness than you realize.

Thank you for reading. Today’s question is a little different:

If your life had a soundtrack, what song is playing right now? 

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  • Doug Schmidt on

    “Life’s Been Good” (to me so far) by Joe Walsh

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