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Hey friend, hope you’re good. Here is what’s coming from me in the near-near future. The website is getting a redesign to welcome in the new arrivals; I went with a personal look and feel mainly because I’ve been missing connecting at the street markets. This change will happen on the same day as the new arrivals drop.

NEW ARRIVALS drop on Friday, 11/20/20
The Designs

  • Air Hugs
  • Coffee Lover
  • Content Advisory
  • Eggs-tra Special
  • Elephant In The Room
  • Emotional Support
  • Happy Tweet
  • Love Rinse Repeat
  • Multiple Solutions
  • Personal Space
  • Sunshine Bear
  • Weekender

I’m so happy with the way these turned out and I know you will too, so get them early before they sell out (or before holiday shipping deadlines – will share those dates next week).  Products include tees, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs, and the newly added baby onesies.

Which one are you most curious/excited about? Let me know and maybe I might just share a sneak preview. Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day!

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