Do It For Yourself

Just be yourself and stop comparing your shit to other people’s shit; you don’t know what they got. Spend time on things that are important to you; figure out what you really want and go for it…or at least try. The problem I think we all face is not knowing what we want to begin with but that’s okay; I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but it makes me happy and that’s why I keep at it. Maybe start there for your thing until you know what “your thing” is and if people talk, let them; chances are, they don’t know what their thing is either.

Be like a kid! Have you ever seen a kid playing with their favorite toy or something? They have a full-length feature film playing in their mind and the possibilities are endless. You can’t tell them that trucks don’t fly or that they can’t be a plastic surgeon plus supreme court justice at the same time; they do it anyways and so can you. So what if you don’t have all the answers and will make mistakes as you figure it out? Perfection is an illusion; whatever you want to do, start exactly where you are and make small improvements to it daily. That’s what I’m doing and you can too. No more excuses. 

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