Don’t Be Afraid

FYI – I know I said I was going to be light and fun moving forward but today’s topic is a bit sensitive in case you’re not in a place to receive it. I want to give you a heads up, you can keep reading if you don’t mind. I heard once that what we don’t understand, we learn to fear and what we fear, we learn to hate. It’s scary how failing to understand can be damaging to self and community; my heart goes out to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, AAPI and many more treated without dignity due to misunderstandings that ultimately led to hate. I pray for a world without hate for others; that we will genuinely celebrate our differences and see them as proof of how amazing we are as humans.

I pray that we will seek to understand/empathize with people who don’t believe what we believe instead of wishing them harm. I also pray for those who act on their lack of understanding to perpetuate hate. As you work through everything else going on in your life, I encourage you not to give into fear, especially after bad things happen. Our world is still becoming a better place because of people like you who choose to love in the face of fear. Shine your light so that others will be brave to shine theirs. I love you very much.

Thank you so much for reading. Here is today’s question:

What’s something you did to help you get through this week?

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