Dream Big. Focus Small

I recently watched Robin Roberts' Masterclass and one of the inspirations I got from her was to "dream big but focus small".  Roberts is an American television broadcaster and anchor of ABC's Good Morning America.  she said that phrase and I wrote it down because it hit home on so many levels.  as a small business, I want to show that I can deliver like the big guys even though I don't have their budget.  I want to market my brand like the big guys but can't at their level...yet.  dreaming big is easy for me but right now, trying to achieve big is not as easy; hence the point of focusing small.

I've been cc'ing the love for about three plus years now and if you equate that to human baby years, I'm still learning to talk.  in terms of dreaming big: I see my tees sold/worn all around the world.  in focusing small: I need to properly target my online ads to shoppers in Los Angeles.  once I master this, I can grow to multiple states in the region then eventually all of the US and beyond.  focusing small is actually the way to achieve big, I'll keep you updated on how far I get.  thanks for reading

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