Emotions – Series 1 of 3

Without getting too deep, I think it’s funny how emotional we are as human beings and yet somehow, we are not allowed to “animate” in public or social or professional settings. We bury our emotions depending on the scenario we find ourselves in but whenever we feel safe or seen, then we open up and are more likely to share. And these emotions are fleeting; perhaps that’s why they call them feelings, I guess. They wash over us briefly but can sometimes seem like forever, maybe because we play them back over and over in our minds.

In society, if you appear to have your emotions in check, that’s a good thing; but why though? Is it because negative emotions can burden others? Could overly positive emotions be seen as delusional which in essence can become a burden on others as well? Is there a balance and I’m not sure if there is one, but if there were, we would have to determine a normal level and what will the criteria be for choosing said normal? Who will be the judge (or judges)?

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