Emotions – Series 2 of 3

If we agree that there is to be a standard of choosing a “normal” emotional level, how would that affect our individual uniqueness? To have a normal or, let’s just say, average emotional level would mean that some people will be considered too emotional and others will not be emotional enough. This leads to a hierarchy of treatment; dare I say, discrimination and privilege depending on what we decide is the favorable way of emoting.

And in our society, we already have a favorable way of emoting; the less emotional you appear, the more favorable you are. It’s the reason we think someone is cool; they seem un-bothered by most things. Take that, coupled with our survival instincts and we’re changing our behavior to match. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I wanna say it’s helped civilizations survive the test of time. I’m just curious about the application in other areas of our lives.

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