Emotions – Series 3 of 3

Us being emotional creatures means most of our actions and reactions are emotionally driven and yet, we act like it isn’t by staying closer to the middle emotionally. Seems backwards to me. Ok, so I know we’re not solely emotional…we are logical creatures as well but I would say logic is favored over emotion it seems, and by that “logic”, are we changing our behavior to match? Are we suppressing emotion and idealizing logic?

Not trying to get deep but it’s a trip to think about. Is everything we do in today’s society tied to survival instincts of self and also of community? Are we basically ensuring the survival of our species by setting societal standards? Let’s swap the word species for race, gender, sexuality, etc? Could ensuring the survival of “our kind” be seen as emotionally driven? How far back do we need to zoom out to realize we are the same…just one species?

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