Everybody Needs A Doug

Recently, I talked about a horrible week I had and how I couldn’t find the silver lining during the mess. Immediately following that, this wonderful light of a human left me a heartfelt comment reminding me that there’s always a silver lining if we look for one. His name is Doug and if you ever have the privilege of meeting this angel, you should count yourself blessed and highly favored. On the surface, you may be thinking that it’s just a comment but not to me and here’s why.

Doug was just in an accident and needs reconstructive surgery for both his feet; doctors say it may be 6 months before he can walk again and this man took time out of his day to help me feel better about my situation. Mind you, Doug and I had only met once back in 2018; crazy how people can come into your life and add to it. To Doug, (because I know you’re reading) I hope you make a speedy recovery. To everyone else, please say a little prayer for Doug and if you want to send him a free “Get Well Soon” postcard, let me know and I’ll do it for you or click here.

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