Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

I went from sharing new content everyday to barely anything at all.  my motivation to create faded away somehow and I spent the better part of a year trying to figure out why that was, before “coming back” to it.  the answer seemed to always escape me and as such, kept me from doing anything.  I wondered if maybe the reason I wasn’t creating was because I never really loved it to begin with but, how could that be?

I knew I loved creating; always have but shouldn’t that mean I created more content with every passing minute?  perhaps I was just too busy or had writer’s block or this was God’s way of mysteriously bringing me back to basics.  I couldn’t figure out the reason but could agree that something was wrong and little by little, day by day, people started noticing.  eventually, I stopped trying to figure out why and accepted the possibility that this lack of motivation was out of my control. I conceded that everything would work out in the end; that I would get my groove back in the same way I lost it.

believing everything is gonna be alright has changed my perspective and increased my motivation to try creating again.  this hopeful attitude comes in handy whenever unfavorable things happen.  I’m able to quickly adapt to the present situation and keep moving forward.  I seem to be in need of hope more recently in the age of COVID-19.  there are a lot of things I’m experiencing for the first time along with millions around the world.  during this period, I’m believing that everything is gonna be alright.   wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, I hope you’re believing that everything is gonna be alright too.  remember, we’re all in this together and you’re never really alone.


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