Feelin' Some Type Of Way

I'm usually all positive attitude and can find the good in almost every situation but this week had me on one.  the thing is, nothing crazy happened, I was just feeling some type of way and that put me in a shitty mood.  I tried finding the root of the feeling but couldn't and that made me even more twitchy.  the littlest things would bug me and I was exhausted all the time; not sure why.  has this ever happened to you? 

you find yourself feeling upset for no reason and every reason at the same time.  how did you deal with it?  I normally let the feeling come and go but that's when it lasts for a few minutes; this time it seemed to last a whole week.  I screamed into a pillow at one point in hopes of freeing my mind.  like I said, I'm all positive attitude but life is about balance - yin and yang, day and night.  perhaps this feeling was trying to balance me out and bring me back to earth lol.  as of writing this, I'm feeling great again but I wanted to document it for myself (in case it happens again) and for others who may be feeling some type of way.  it may last for a few minutes or days, either way, it too shall pass.  hang in there and keep showing up.  document your process, eat and sleep well, and remember that you're not alone

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