Feeling Overwhelmed - Part 1

this is dedicated to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed; just want to let you know that you're not crazy or alone or inadequate for feeling this way.  millions of people feel overwhelmed from time to time so you shouldn't be hard on yourself (if you currently are).  take a few deep breaths and sit upright in your favorite chair because we are about to do an exercise.  grab a pen, paper, and a beverage; let's begin.

with your pen and paper, here are some things to write down
I am enough: make a list of all the cool things about yourself; feel free to dig deep here or stay on the surface if you like.  know for a fact that you have that insert thing here, because you're capable and it's not an accident that you have what you have.

one thing at a time: even though you're pretty badass, you can only do one thing at a time.  make a to-do list and only start a new task after finishing the previous.  prioritize each into "do first" - tasks with shorter deadlines, "do later" - tasks with longer deadlines, and "ask for help" - tasks you can delegate.

self-care is mandatory: you need to take care of yourself whenever and for however long you need; that's part of the deal with being a human being.  you care for your car, you care for your clothes, you have to care for you.  period.

it's okay to not be okay: you shouldn't feel like you have to be at 100% all the time, even your phone can’t do that and you’re using the damn thing all day.  you're human and by definition, imperfect.

hopefully, this short list helps in alleviating some of the overwhelming feelings you may be having.  you could write them down on post-its and stick them on random surfaces as reminders when you find them.  if you have some techniques you use to deal with overwhelm, please share so we can learn from you too.  thanks for reading and have a fabulous day.

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