Go Easy On Yourself

I was talking with my mentor one day and was telling him how my brain works. You know how at the airport; they have those treadmill things that you can use to walk faster? That’s how I tend to operate; I feel like I have to be on and at 100% all the time and if I’m not, the treadmill somehow changes direction and I start going backwards. It’s like I can never be at a standstill, I’m either moving forward or backwards. If you’re like me and feel you have to over-achieve at everything you do; go easy on yourself.

Maybe you started at a strong pace and now you’re slowing down; that’s part of the growth. Remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint, so look into other areas where you can make an impact with baby steps. As for the treadmill thing, it doesn’t change direction and take you backwards; even when you’re standing still, it’s moving you forward. Any progress you make is like a planted seed; eventually it will sprout. I’m grateful for my mentor; everything he said made me feel less anxious and got me back to action…baby steps and all.

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