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Why is negativity the only one that gets to be loud and visible but when positivity does it, they say “it’s showing off”? Don’t know about you but that’s annoying. Positivity is supposed to be quiet and only show up in the aftermath of negativity…BORING! I am determined to bring positivity to the lead role. Just an overflow of good vibes pushed into the world without waiting for something bad to happen first.

They say if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with people. We have work to do; you and me. I’m not speaking figuratively; I really believe we need to collaborate on this. I want to encourage you to actively share your magic – wear your cc the love clothing, send someone a personalized postcard, schedule a ZOOM with your neighbor, compliment a stranger’s shoes. Let's raise the energy together.

Thank you for reading, before you go please take a minute to answer today’s question in the comments. Here it is:

Who helped you this week and how did you thank them?

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  • Melissa Neil on

    My kids helped me this week…btw the ages of 15-25…I thanked, complimented and hugged them.

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