Hey Neighbor, How Are You?

if you've been watching the news or following along on social media, you know what's going on in our country and around the world right now.  emotions are running high due to the pandemic and institutionalized racism; I for one, feel sad, angry, scared, and frustrated at the same time.  my heart breaks every time I witness heinous acts but it cuts especially deeper when it happens to people who look like me because I'm left thinking that it could happen me.  now, I know there's more to this country than hate crimes; America is full of celebrated diversity and we shouldn't forget that when evil rears its ugly head.  instead, we should show up for one another as neighbors; whether you live across the street or across the ocean.  look around your "neighborhood" for someone who needs a reminder that they are loved; reach out and let them know.  that's how we cc the love.  it's not only with my merchandise; you can let people know they are seen, heard, and valued by your actions.  

with all my feelings welling up in tears as I type this, I'm still believing things will be better; that we would do better to see each other as neighbors.  that we would strive to understand others before we seek to be understood.  to anyone who's been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions since the year began but more so now; my advice: feel all your feelings, be one with them, be confused by them, that's okay.  nobody says you have to be at 100% all the time and I hope you don't think you should.  whenever you're ready, get back up, stand strong, and shine your light; spread love and extinguish hate.  if you're not there at the moment, lean on somebody until you're ready.  I'm opening my house to you as your neighbor; if you need someone to talk to, please contact me.  I can't promise you I'll have answers but I promise to listen.  let's take care of one another.  God speed.

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