How To Find The Good

seems like the older I get, the more my life feels like a series of repeating experiences with lessons for me to learn.  the quicker I learn, the quicker I grow and when I don’t learn, I take the class again.  I know this sounds a lot like school but my present head-space allows me see it more like recess.  yes, there’s a chance my hands and clothes will get dirty but at least I’m outside playing and having fun.

finding the good in situations helps me think this way.  I tell myself, it’s what I do when I should really be saying, it’s what I’ve learned to do; keyword is “learned” because it wasn’t easy.  it’s a constant practice and I still flop sometimes but that’s normal.  the way you find the good is by switching perspectives; you can do this by pretending things happen “for you” rather than “to you”.

imagine all your experiences broken up into enjoyment or growth moments; just like school again.  some classes will be easy, some will be challenging but then there’s recess and lunch and detention but none of them last forever.  while you’re in a moment, ask yourself: if life is happening “for me”, what can I take out of this?

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