I Bet You Have A Cool Story

I don’t know who needs to hear this but you need to post more pictures and videos of yourself to social media, just because. More so if you have a brand or small business so that more people can find you but even if you don’t have that, you need to post yourself being yourself. Don’t do it for the likes or clout, just do it for you and be genuine. Shit, be basic because that’s way more interesting than trying to be a copy of someone else; you’d be surprised how interesting you are. I’m willing to bet that if you think you’re not interesting, it’s because of one of two things:

It’s either that you’re comparing yourself to others or you’re taking the things that you do for granted. I bet you have a cool story about why you sleep on a particular side of the bed or why you like the taste of cold pizza more than a hot one or that you have a favorite season or favorite flavor of ice cream. I bet that if you shared that to your social, chances are you’ll find people just like you; but the real kicker is, somewhere down your lineage (if you decide to have kids and they have kids etc.), your great-great-great grandchild will relate to your “basic” content and feel less alone in the world. So stop making excuses and f*cking do it. Thanks for reading.

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