I Want A Podcast

I want a podcast. I want to start a podcast. I am speaking it into existence as an affirmation. Podcast. Podcast. Podcast. But seriously though, I do want to start a podcast; been thinking about it for some time now just need to go for it. I’ve already decided the format won’t be me and a bunch of guests, no; I want it to be me and a partner, so we can bounce ideas, agree and disagree, and learn from each other. My question is: Do I find that person and we create the podcast together or do I create said podcast and bring them on?

I lowkey prefer the former over the latter. It reminds me of my blog about finding friends – make a connection and if it leads to a podcast, then great. I’ll keep searching and let you know how it goes. While I have you here, help me with this quick question; I feel you’re the right audience because you currently consume my content. Is a podcast something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for your time!

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