I'm Super Grateful

when I started cc the love, I had zero expectations for it; I was simply spreading love and so whenever I get featured in any way, it's always mind-blowing.  I'm super grateful to have customers who are more like family than anything else.  if you're reading this, you're part of that family; you won't believe how happy I feel knowing that you also want to spread love.  whether it's a photo of you in my tee or an editorial on your platform, I'm blessed to have you.

for your reading pleasure, here's my feature from Local Undercover.  the organization is uncovering all things local by exploring the best in handmade and small business; they help brands share their stories across the country.  I have added the link to my interview below but would also like for you to peruse the Local Undercover website to discover other small businesses you may like.

before I leave you, here are few reminders: look for the good all around you.  be kind to yourself and others.  everyone is going through something even when it looks like everything is fine on the surface.  self-care is mandatory.  cheers!

link to my interview: https://www.localundercover.com/interviews/ccthelove

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