Letter To My Younger Self

I’ve always wondered what I would tell my younger self if I could travel back in time; figured I’d practice that with you right now, so here goes: Hey me, it’s me…you, from the future. Wanted to tell you to always listen to your heart and trust your gut. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you cannot do something; don’t believe them. Figure out what you want and work for it; ask for help when you need help but don’t fixate on the people who say no…it’s all good. The ‘yes’ is what you’re looking for and they’re out there but you’ll never know if you quit.

Some days will be tough but you’re way tougher; and as you’re working on your dreams, remember to pause occasionally and appreciate how far you’ve come. Smile, take a deep breath, then get back in. Document your process too because without it, you might think you’re not doing anything; you won’t be able to see your growth the same way other people can. Just keep going and one day; well, I’ll stop there…don’t want to spoil the ending. You’re gonna have fun and I’m excited for you. Good luck.

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