My Cup Of Tea

“Drink your tea while it’s hot” is something I started saying to myself to get me to slow down and be present. I’m (almost) always doing multiple things at once and, sometimes I may make a cup of tea or coffee only to set it down and forget to drink it. It’s usually for good reason though; I’m either getting work done around the house or finishing up a project etc. but then one day, I challenged my thinking. Could I value myself like a project that needs my full, immediate attention even if it’s only a few minutes?

It wasn’t easy at first; I had to set a 5-minute timer to be in the moment and yes, with my cup of Lipton tea while listening to chill vibes on YouTube. Drinking your tea while it’s hot isn’t about the beverage or its temperature; it’s about finding time for ourselves to be present. To realize that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come; all we really have is right now and even then, this too shall pass. If you’re currently able to make time for yourself, I’m proud of you. If you’re not, I value you and encourage you to do so because you’re worth it. 

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