My Fellow Warrior

Yes, I called you a warrior because chances are you’re fighting an internal battle that no one else can see, and that makes you a warrior. You is strong, you is kind, you is important, and I see you. You are not alone. Whatever it is that's weighing you down, please don't fret. Recently, I realized that people treat you where they are, not where you are; in other words – hurt people, hurt people. Pre-pandemic me used to feel down whenever I was treated badly because I tried to take the high road ALL THE TIME but this new me ain’t about the bullshit.

Most days, I’m grounded and can take the high road. Other days, I’m petty and will clap back. Lately, I’m not overthinking every encounter before they happen; I take them as they come and if I wrong someone, I will work to make amends. I've been going with the flow, adapting, and learning to not be so hard on myself. If you're like me, I hope you take this as a sign to give yourself a break. Thanks for reading, I hope you consider doing a random act of kindness today; send someone a postcard (that was a not-so-subtle plug). Before you go, here’s today’s question:

What's something you've had to overcome lately?

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    Love you post this one hit home

  • Paul Cronin-Swalboski on

    Found out yesterday my insurance isn’t covering my monthly infusion, of which i cannot afford to get anymore. Trying to stay strong but love your message of giving myself a break when i cannot be that person i strive to be. Thanks

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