One Step Closer

Imagine with me for a second that you’ve achieved all the things you’re working towards; the goal weight, the dream job, the house, all of it. Now, just be in that thought and picture yourself as that version of you with everything you dream of. That person you’re thinking of is not actually in the future; it’s you at this very moment and all those things have happened but time needs to pass before you see them physically. There’s an analogy that explains this better – found it on @thor.aya’s social.

Basically, you go to a restaurant, the waiter comes over, you let them know what you want, and they go put in your order. If you prevent the waiter from leaving your table, the order never gets to the kitchen even though you really want it. Also, after the waiter leaves, you don’t spend every passing second worrying about your food; you do something else while you wait and trust that it will arrive. Thinking about that, makes me hungry lol. My point is, you’re always one step closer to your dreams; no use stressing over everything that happens along the way.  

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