Ruffling Some Feathers

Baby, listen! I don’t like talking in absolutes because it’s usually based on assumptions but I’m willing to assume that if anyone is pressed because of you simply living your life and doing your thing, it has nothing to do with you honey; it’s them. Something is triggering them and they’re lashing out on you instead of working on themselves. If/when you’re faced with trolls or haters or whatever you call them, it’s very likely that they’re not happy with something in their life and you were able to ruffle their feathers without even trying; now imagine if you were devoted to messing with them; you will break them. Please don’t do that. Let them come for you, just don’t answer the door.

Now, don’t make the mistake of confusing that with someone’s legit reaction. If you’re the instigator, going out there looking for trouble, messing with people, and they react…that is not the same thing as what we’re talking about here. Don’t get it twisted, you’re smart, you know the difference. Don’t instigate, don’t mess with people, live your life, let others live theirs, and all of us will be okay. If you’re living your life in peace and someone is coming to drag you, before you feel the feelings (because you will feel them, we’re all human beings), remember that the only reason they’re giving you time of day is because something in their life got triggered by your mere existence. If that doesn’t make you feel powerful honey, I don’t know what else will. Go out there and have a great day…be a light, have a smile, and cc the love baby.

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Love you back, Jennie. Thanks!

Chidera Chime

I love you! Keep your head up and keep being wise and wonderful!


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