Start Small. Stay Consistent

Last Friday, I went for a run and did my usual 3 miles which then takes a couple days to recover before I can run again. On Tuesday though, I was motivated to hit the pavement because of a clip on TikTok from The Joe Rogan Podcast. The guest on that clip, Firas Zahabi, spoke about the “Rate of Perceived Exertion”. Zahabi explained that instead of pushing your body to the max, you should do enough to allow you show up the next day without being sore; this way you can show up more days and complete more workouts in the long run.

Tuesday’s run was for one block and even though I knew I could do more, I wanted to test this theory. IT WORKED! I ran consistently all week and slowly increased my distance. Why am I telling you this? It doesn’t always have to be, Go Big or Go Home; most times, it’s the little, consistent, and dare I say boring actions that bring change. If you're not doing something because of how challenging or time consuming or scary it will be, I say start small (without overexerting yourself) and stay consistent.

Thank you so much for reading. Here is today’s question:

In what ways are you showing up for yourself and if you aren’t, how can you change that?

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  • Chidera Chime on

    You got this, Lori!

  • Lori Hollenkamp on
    This is so timely. I’m over 60 now and my knees seem resistant to running. I’m going to start with mini jogs.

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