The Little Things

Do most of the things we enjoy end up being the little things? Like, think about it; was that girls/guys trip fun because you enjoyed spending time with friends or because you got a pretty nice penthouse suite with spectacular views? Don’t get me wrong, the penthouse is awesome too but was that the thing that made the trip fun or the time spent together? You could say both but I’m willing to bet the time spent had more to do with it. Which got me thinking, is life simple and we make it complicated?

I would consider myself an overthinker and although I’m learning to enjoy the little things now, there were times in my past when I couldn’t get out of my way because of it. Everything had to be right or perfect and by trying to force control, I wasn’t enjoying any of it. Presently, I’m taking time to let things be and if something is out of my control, I ask myself what the simple things are and then focus on those. So I ask you, are you not enjoying yourself or do you need to shift your focus?

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