The Power Of Unexpected Kindness

have you ever had someone show you unexpected kindness?  or better yet, have you ever shown someone kindness when they weren't expecting it?  how did you feel receiving it?  how about giving it?  for me, unexpected kindness - giving or receiving - be hitting harder.

with face masks covering our smiles, I've been paying closer attention to people's eyes and body language whenever we interact (which is far and few between) and I'm sure they're doing the same to me.  it helps that I'm usually wearing one of my tees so that even if there's only eye contact, they know I mean well.  I get unexpected kindness when someone compliments my tees as something they needed to see in that moment.  I believe such moments to be magical because we had to be in that spot at the same time for it to happen.  seemingly simple compliments could brighten up anyone's mood and positively impact their day/week.  try it.

another simple way to give unexpected kindness (which is fitting as many of us are working from home) is through emails.  if you send a lot of emails weekly, making a few simple edits could really increase your unexpected kindness to your coworkers.  the next time you send an email, rather than starting it with "I hope this email meets you well" say something like, "I hope you're having a good day!" and to end communication, instead of "thx", it's better to say, "thank you for all you do".  you'd be surprised how far something so simple could go.  can you think of the last (or best) unexpected kindness you received?  message me, I'd love to read about it.

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