Things You Want In A Friend

I started playing tennis again; I’d been looking for a court and finally found one close to my apartment. Last time I played was in 8th grade…you can probably guess how well I did the first day back. The other players there were really good and nice too; one guy in particular, we’ll call him ‘Jay’, talked to me about my game and even played a couple sets to help me practice. Few weeks went by and one day, Jay and I sat talking; turns out we had a lot in common and we probably wouldn’t have met if not for tennis. I remember driving home after our conversation, thinking – that was refreshing, why is it so hard to find friends as adults?

It’s not like people don’t want friends; “three out of every five adults, or 61%, report that they sometimes or always feel lonely, according to the second annual Cigna U.S. Loneliness Index”1. I think the reason we find it difficult to make friends as adults is because we think too much; we have a mental checklist for the other person to fit before we even approach them and I get it, experience makes us jaded. Instead of searching for friends, try making connections – the good ones could lead to friendships while the bad ones, well they improve our communication skills.


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