We Are Not Okay

Just a reminder that we’ve been dealing with the COVID Pandemic since March 2020 and it is currently September 2021. So many people lost their loved ones, livelihood, some were able to work from home, and now, kids are returning to campuses across America; there’s a slight resemblance of normalcy but not at 100%. We are lowkey scared but have to put on a brave face like we did in the past but times have definitely changed. All of us are experiencing – in our own way – an unprecedented amount of difficulty; we are not okay.

I am not okay right now and I know it. I feel exhausted most of the time and I’m not the only one; you’re probably exhausted too. We need to normalize taking time off to heal our minds in the way we take time off to heal our bodies. Not everybody is privileged to take time but what about making time? Can you take a longer shower? Can you eat lunch in private? Can you take a long walk around the neighborhood? How about naps…remember those? I wish the universe brings you some time for a good nap at least.

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