Working In Silence

Today's blog is really a plug, aye!  I've been quietly working on new designs and, gotta say, they needed a lot of work because...well, never mind that lol.  I have eleven (11) strong designs so far and that number may go up if I continue flowing as I have been lately.  I'm creating again like I did when I first started this journey back in 2016; life's cray.

Thanks for your time!  I'm excited and extremely grateful that you're still here with me; I can't wait for you to see what I got.  I will be adding the new designs to products for the website pretty soon but not sure whether I should add as I go with no announcement or do a "New Arrivals" countdown.  Also, not sure if I should phase out what's currently on the website similar to how the major brands change collections; I probably would but open to feedback.

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