Worthy Of Bliss

This message is for me and anyone who needs it; allow yourself to be in your bliss. Whenever good things happen, it’s normal to take it for granted and keep grinding but the opposite is true when something bad happens. I just came home from vacation; I went to Guadalajara, MX and got back to work without pausing to realize I had the privilege to take vacation. I’m growing my career and building my brand while staying healthy in a pandemic but treating it like “business as usual”. My boss helped me see the many wonderful things that have happened to me in the midst of unprecedented challenges…I cried.

If you’re seeing this, take two or five minutes to see where you are and how far you’ve come is a good thing. You deserve all the good things you’re experiencing and are worthy of bliss. I wish you much joy during your climb and when things are bad, I pray you see the lesson quickly to get out of fret and into problem solving. All your emotions are valid, you belong on the throne with royalty, you are incredibly resilient to have made it thus far, and you will thrive. No one can kill your vibe or dim your light and I forbid you to do it to yourself. I’m proud of you. 

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