You Ain't Ready For This!

You may want to sit down to read this and if you feel some type of way, don't come for me lol.  I literally woke up with this rant in my head; here goes.  Okay, you know that feeling of inadequacy that comes over you whenever you're overwhelmed?  It turns out, everybody feels that way, which means it's normal or common to have that feeling.  Seeing that this is the case, why do you feel the need to hide yours or appear to be good all the time?  Better question, why do you assume everyone has their shit figured out except you?

Sometimes your inner voice says some hurtful things to you; things you would never say to another person but did you know you can tell it to STFU.  I'm serious, you don't have to listen if it's being mean and unkind; you can drown your inner voice with your outer voice.  The next time your inner voice says some demeaning bullshit, use your outer voice to counter.  Tell that inner bully that it's wrong; side note, you can be rude seeing as they're being rude to you too.

I know you're all about being kind but don't confuse that for being a pushover.  Don't allow anything or anyone make you feel "less than" or "othered", whether it's your inner voice or someone's outer voice.  Period.

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