You Deserve All The Good Things

this thought jumped into my head Tuesday of this week, clear as day; like God, the Holy Spirit, and the Universe wanted me to know without a shadow of doubt.  I shared it as a post on my social media channels (links below) but I wanted to elaborate on it here with you today.  the voice said, "you deserve all the good things this life has to offer, regardless of circumstances past or present".  I believe this wasn't just meant for me; I believe it was meant to speak to me but also, speak to you as you read.

I don't know if you're a person of faith but I believe we're all connected even with all our differences; even with the worldly powers trying to separate us...we all want to love and be loved.  perhaps you're feeling undeserving because so many good things are happening back to back for you or maybe you're going through hell right this moment and are tempted to believe that's all there is or will be.  I came in the room to tell you that you deserve all the good things and you'll still be deserving after many slip-ups.  that being said, lift your head up, dry your eyes, and shine your light...the best sh*t is still coming.  xo

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