You Find What You Look For

I saw a video of a homeless guy sharing his food with another “homeless” guy not realizing it was staged but knowing what it’s like to be hungry.  The guys pretending to be homeless had to break character and give the man a helping hand.  It was very touching.

Experience is really the best teacher.  I believe life is a series of repeating experiences with different faces but when stripped down, it’s all the same.  There's this phrase: you find what you look for.  If you want to be in the best physical shape, you've gotta know “why” you want it because that will keep you going.  If your reason is solid then it won’t fade but most importantly, you have to do the work required to be in the best physical shape.

You can apply that to other goals too and when the opinions start coming in, remember your "why".  Chances are the ones talking negatively attempted that thing and when it didn’t work out for them, they convinced themselves it couldn’t be done.  Now they see you attempting the thing they failed at and their cognitive dissonance kicks in so strong that they want to stop you from making it happen.  Don't let them.

Something to consider: if negativity is easier to find than positivity, start paying close attention to your circle.  You may need to trim the herd or at least spend less time around the ones that suck the life outta you.  You also need to look at yourself and make sure you're not the reason.

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  • Zakiya on

    Love this! It’s so good to find reminders of “why” we do the things we do so we can continue to do the work that leads to success!

    Thanks, CC! I always appreciate your presence on social media, in my emails, and when I wear your tees. You are a positive light in all that shines in everyone’s circle.

    Air hugs,


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