You Never Knew About This

is it possible to be an extrovert with introvert tendencies?  if so, then I think that may be me because I love being around people and having fun but I don't like being the center of attention.  I get very awkward talking about myself or my accomplishments which is probably why you never knew about this.  

did you know that I added new color ways to my tees and now you can get your favorite word in something other than black or white?  yes, you can!  go see.  would also like to announce that I'm working on an ad campaign to spread love during this pandemic.  with face masks and social distancing, it's been difficult to connect with others like I normally would.  I've been wearing my tees more often and you won't believe what a simple word can do especially in this time of heightened stress and anxiety.  stay tuned for more updates on the campaign.  in the meantime, check out the new colors and wear your tees as much as you can; you never know who needs it for that day...could even be you.

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