About us

This is not so much an “About us” than it is a story of how series of gut feelings led me to build my brand. My name is Chidera Chime and I created CC The Love to spread love, happiness, and positivity. The “CC” refers to carbon copy but is also my initials so it fit perfectly.

It all started with a gut feeling to post videos (aka episodes) on Instagram everyday. Each episode focused on making people happy and I loved it because making people happy is my jam. Around episode 30 on Instagram, I started vlogging to document the process of what I was doing (not really knowing where it would lead).

I had another gut feeling by episode 52 which was for me to make graphic t-shirts with positive sayings on them. The goal was to put more good vibes into the world so I gave the shirts away for free. The number of people wanting free shirts was overwhelming.

Around that same time, I discovered a brilliant soul by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk. I got a chance to ask him about giving my shirts away for free. He said to give them away for the next 6 years (that was back in 2017) and I’m still giving.

By episode 171 on Instagram, I had yet another gut feeling which was for me to quit my full time job at the time to build CC The Love. I did and here we are. My story is still being written. If after reading you leave with anything, let it be this: trust your instincts, chase your dreams, and don’t be afraid to try something and fail. Failure is part of success.