Hi! My name is Chidera Chime and making people happy is my jam. I created CC THE LOVE after a series of gut feelings to spread love, happiness, and positivity. 'CC' is my initials but it’s also like in an email i.e. to copy or to spread.

The brand started with me sharing uplifting videos everyday on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Few months later, it grew to include graphic tees with positive sayings so you too could ‘cc the love’ to others. Next came postcards (aka happy cards) to get you thinking of what makes you happy before the vinyl stickers with positive sayings. Everything ties back to spreading good vibes and I’m extremely grateful to have you be a part of that.


Fun fact
In January 2017, I crossed paths with brilliant entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk on the Ask GaryVee Show; . He gave me An important piece of advice; listen to my GaryVee Audio Experience here.