Our story

Founder & CEO, Chidera Chime created CC The Love to "cc" or spread good vibes. This is the story of how a series of gut feelings led him to create his brand.

In November of 2016, Chidera had a gut feeling to create and post videos (aka episodes) on his Instagram everyday. Each episode had some type of positive message and focused on making people happy.

After doing this everyday for two months, he had another gut feeling to make t-shirts with positive sayings. The idea was to spread more good vibes so he made some shirts for himself and wore them everywhere; he also gave his shirts away for free (one a week, every week).

Few weeks after that, Chidera received an email from a close friend who had seen him wearing one of his shirts with the phrase, “FORGIVE YOURSELF”. In the email, his friend expressed how much the phrase impacted him; it was then that Chidera decided to concentrate on building his brand and making positivity louder.

By January 2017, Chidera connected with brilliant entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk and got to ask about his shirts, mainly the part on free giveaways. You can listen to his GaryVee Audio Experience here.

Today, CC The Love focuses on spreading love, happiness, and positivity with social media posts, graphic tees, happy cards, and community hangouts; all under Chidera’s guidance and doing so makes him happy.