The brand

CC The Love is a one man brand launched from a gut feeling to make love, happiness, and positivity louder. Founder, Chidera Chime coined the brand name from his initials 'CC' which also represents carbon-copy (like email forwarding).

Short-form video content posted across CC The Love social media platforms to uplift viewers and document the process of the brand development. Follow along the brand's journey as you laugh, cry, and dance.

Graphic tees
Super soft, extremely comfortable tees used to spread good vibes. Each CC The Love tee features a positive saying that hopefully means something specific to you or subconsciously fills you with positive energy that reaches others.

Also known as “happy cards” used to get you thinking of what makes you happy. Fill your card then place it somewhere you can see it often as an affirmation to be happy. These cards are currently not for sale; receive one with the purchase of a CC The Love tee.

Fun fact
In January 2017, Chidera connected with brilliant entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk; listen to the GaryVee Audio Experience here.