The brand

CC The Love is about spreading love, happiness, and positivity. Founder, Chidera Chime coined the name from his initials 'CC' which is equivocal to carbon-copy (i.e. to copy, to forward, or to spread). The brand was launched from his gut feeling and has grown from daily uplifting videos on Instagram to include graphic tees with positive sayings, vinyl stickers, happy cards, and more.

Short-form videos
Facebook/Instagram/YouTube videos posted on CC The Love platforms to uplift viewers and document the process of the brand's journey.

Graphic tees with positive sayings
Super soft tees with positive sayings that subconsciously fill you with positive energy and reaches others everywhere you go.

Vinyl stickers with positive sayings
Collect 'em all. Slap 'em on everything. Spread the love even when you're not around.

Happy cards
Postcards that get you thinking of what makes you happy. Fill your card then place it somewhere you’d see often as a reminder to do what makes you happy.

An important piece of advice
In January 2017, Chidera connected with brilliant entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk on the Ask GaryVee Show; listen to his GaryVee Audio Experience here.